There’s reality and now there’s augmented reality.

CLO Quote: What one data element connects the real world with the augmented reality world?

Answer: LOCATION! In an intriguing melding of the physical and the virtual, GoldRun has created augmented reality scavenger hunts based on location information. Their unique advertising campaign for H&M offers discounts to customers who visit H&M’s 10 Manhattan locations and take pictures of themselves with virtual items from their fall collection. Customers have already posted photos of themselves with disembodied t-shirts on Facebook. It’s making the invisible real and fun.

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Name: GoldRun

Quick Pitch: Using augmented reality app GoldRun, advertisers create scavenger hunts for virtual goods in physical locations.

CLO Idea: Buzz has been big around augmented reality, but few companies have figured out a way to turn it into an effective marketing tool. We’ve seen brands invoke everything from Iron Man masks to musical cheese snacks in efforts to incorporate augmented reality into their marketing plans. But none of these ideas exactly created the AdWords of augmented reality.

GoldRun, which launched in November with a campaign for H&M, comes closer to creating a marketing platform that will be useful across multiple industries. The app allows brands to create virtual scavenger hunts. When consumers download the free GoldRun app and sign up to follow a campaign or “run,” they can collect virtual goods from physical locations using their phone’s camera. During the H&M campaign, for instance, users could collect a different virtual item from the brand’s fall/winter collection by snapping a photo of it in front of each of its 10 Manhattan locations. Doing so resulted in an instant 10% discount on any H&M purchase.

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