7 Reasons You Need Location

Locaid pindrop 1. THE WORLD IS MOBILE. Today it is estimated that 85.8% of the world’s population has a mobile subscription, nearly 6 billion people. By 2015, it is assumed that the number of IP-ready devices that will be connected to the internet will grow to a total of 6.6 billion.

2. AN APP ISN’T ENOUGH. Over 4 billion people in the world still have feature phones. That’s 4 billion people your app can’t reach. Integrating Network Mobile Location into your mobile strategy will make sure you reach 100% of your customers and increase your ROI.

3. LOCATION ISN’T JUST FOR MOBILE MARKETING. Twenty-six percent of consumers are digital omnivores (own a laptop, smartphone and tablet). Using location you can find all them all for different business requirements including:  preventing credit card fraud; verifying a bettors location to meet online gaming regulations; tracking your most valuable assets, and more.

4. CUSTOMERS ARE WILLING TO SHARE THEIR LOCATION. You can only locate a device that has been “opted-in”. And customers are happy to opt-in to campaigns and services that add-value. In a recent geofence pilot, 60% of the participants “were not concerned with security or privacy with mobile” and when customers opt-in, your ROI increases.

5. NO GEOGRAPHIC LIMITATIONS. Locaid’s reach extends to 4.7 billion devices across the world including over 423 million network mobile devices in the US and Canada alone. And those devices, and your customers, can be found whether they’re at home, in a store, in the middle of a cornfield or in an underground parking lot.

6. EASY INSTALLATION. Once a phone is opted-in, that’s all the user needs to do for you to start seeing immediate ROI. And you don’t need to have an app to use location. But if you do, that works just fine as well.

7. NO CAPEX INVESTMENT NEEDED. Location from Locaid is not software, it’s not an app and it’s not a fraud measurement tool. It’s a raw data feed that you can incorporate into your existing tools and platforms to realize immediate ROI with no CAPEX.