All you need is love…and location

Chief Location Officer News: Gartner projects mobile apps to generate $15.9 billion revenue in end-user spending in 2012; location based services apps will have 1.4 billion users by 2014.

CLO Recommendation: If you don't have mobile location on your product roadmap for 2011, add it now. Your competitors are doing so, and many have already incorporated location APIs into their mobile offering.

Mobile apps are coming into their own. The most popular mobile apps will be targeted straight for mobile devices, not just versions of online apps. Innovaters will need to think about the mobile and its unique capabilities at the design stage.

Brands are increasingly shifting their advertising and brand identity efforts to the mobile realm. Mobile is the new way to showcase innovative marketing and sales strategies.

The top 10 consumer applications to watch out for in 2012, as identified by Gartner, in order, are: location-based services, social networking, mobile search, mobile commerce, mobile payment, context-aware services, object recognition, mobile instant messaging (MIM), mobile email, and mobile video.

Location information holds the key to unlock apps in all these sectors, optimizing user experience by taking into account geographical location, preferences, age, and friends. It’s what users want and where they want it.

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What’s better than mobile? Chocolate mobile! Happy Valentine’s Day!