Are You Part of the 90%?

I'm not talking about the Occupation Wall Street movement. Nope, I'm talking about the location-based marketing movement. I recently read that 90% of marketing managers plan to use mapping technology in the next year. That's according to Google's Enterprise Division and Vanson Borne. Nearly half of marketing professionals using the technology (46%) said that it improves productivity, and one in five (21%) are using it to combine different sets of data and spot patterns, agreeing that this would not have been possible without being able to visualize information.

Location-based marketing is rapidly becoming a popular strategy and I expect it will become the norm sooner than later. When you think about it, there is a location component to many marketing campaigns. Where are customers located? How do you reach them when they are close to your product or service? Can you devise timely promotions based on location?

If that many marketing managers are planing to use mapping, why aren't you part of the 90%?