Driving Footfall With Location-Based Marketing

It’s no secret that footfall is down and clicks are up. As shopper demand for e-commerce (and m-commerce) increases, retailers are increasingly challenged to find new ways to drive customers back into their stores. With the onslaught of smartphones, location-based marketing is proving itself as a critical tool in supporting footfall and share of wallet.

Like many retailers, The North Face was having trouble luring shoppers into its stores. The company, which sells outdoor apparel and gear, used a location-based marketing campaign incorporating Geofences to send promotional text messages to customers who were in a defined radius of their stores.

Location-based services such as Geofencing take CRM, marketing, and loyalty programs to the next level to generate better insights, trigger push notifications or tailor SMS content.

“Retailers are not only faced with keeping buyers from going online to competitors to make their purchase, but also providing the additional incentive shoppers may need to make an immediate purchase at the store location,” writes Joe Francica of Directions Magazine.

Have you noticed any location-based marketing at your favorite stores? Let me know in the comments below.