Engaging kids in the real word…through the virtual one

Chief Location Officer News: PBS leads the way with educational tools that use GPS and augmented reality to teach kids about dinosaurs—bringing the ancient world into the modern one. CLO Recommendation: If you’re in the educational field, now might be the time to start engaging kids in whole new ways. Last year PBS created a prototype game that allowed kids to use augmented reality and location to learn about dinosaurs. Kids could print out a picture of a dinosaur egg and then manipulate it in front of a webcam to make it hatch on screen. PBS also set up physical geo-caches that kids could find and open to reveal more facts about dinosaurs.

Other games are already out there. They have both an online component and a physical one and kids are rewarded for completing various mission in the physical world (from cleaning to exploring a garden).

As mobile technology becomes more integrated into everyday life, I predict this kind of game will help kids learn using both digital and physical tools. Let’s shake out our fossilized thinking and explore!

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