Gaga for Location?

Touchdown! Yes, in honor of yesterday’s Superbowl, I’m using football metaphors. So, what’s the touchdown? As reported in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, et. al, LOC-AID just secured major funding from private equity and venture investors, the largest amount in the history of the location-as-a-service industry. Our platform is built, and we’re connected into all of the tier-one carriers in North America. Now we’re ready to make network-based location available to the enterprise developer community. (Full details here: ( Actually, that coin was already tossed. We’ve already started location-enabling leading corporations in financial services, retail, ecommerce, transportation, entertainment, education, travel & hospitality, security, manufacturing, healthcare, and government services. See our web site for a highlights reel. (

That’s just a tiny sampling of exciting things happening in location. This game is just starting.

As you can probably imagine, we’re pretty psyched here. Unlike Packers fans, we don’t have our own special headgear to show it, but here’s a start: