Google knows where you've been...and where you are going.

This summer Google added a Location History dashboard, based on how you use Google Latitude.  Now you can track where you've been.  So can others.  But it also highlights what Google calls "interesting trends" from your travels.  Trips you've taken, time at home versus work, you know, "interesting" stuff.  Especially if you are a marketer.

It's all opt-in and privacy protected, of course.

One day Google Buzz and Google Latitude will meld together, because it's all about mobile, and mobile is all about location.

Google is not alone in allowing you to track your own footsteps.  Foursquare enables location history, Pelago's Whrrl does "footstreams" and some infrastructure providers are delivering crowd views based on millions of aggregated location points.  Here's an interesting plug from one of those aggregators: "Developers and advertisers can use this groundbreaking behavioral intelligence data to serve location-based content and ads in cool new ways never envisioned before." The company claims to process over 300 million location requests daily, "continually mining this anonymous location data to predict human behavior."

Twitter and Facebook are not far behind in using real world location data for predictive analytics.  Location and movement data is the next Holy Grail for marketers seeking "contextual" insight to better target and sell to consumers in an increasing mobile society.

Will I buy that bacon cheddar cheeseburger next Tuesday as I walk by McDonalds because I missed my bus?

Only Google knows for sure.