How Location Strengthens the CMO/CIO Partnership

In any consumer-driven industry where communication has moved from a one-way “push’” to a two-way conversation via multiple channels (f2f, call center, mobile device, online) and multiple mediums (SMS, email, mobile app, direct mail), a good working relationship between the CMO and the CIO positions an organization for competitive growth driven by successful innovation that meets the needs of both the consumer and the business. In RSR’s recent study, Marketing in Retail: Making the Case for the CMO, it states: “The new selling channels ‘live’ in the digital domain, new media are digital, and virtually all the information needed to offer personalized and relevant products and services to a large group of consumers must be captured digitally… the CMO cannot succeed without the active support of the CIO. But it goes both ways: the CIO… has a big opportunity to be impactful by supporting the CMO. The relationship between the CMO and the CIO could form the power duo of next generation retailing – but only if those two executives join as true partners.”

So how can Location help to not just build, but strengthen, this critical partnership between the CMO and the CIO ?

Forrester’s new report tells us that CMOs who are working more closely with internal tech teams are better able to harvest customer intelligence, “pulling together disparate data, customer input, responses, and campaign results from various systems to tell a concise and easily understood story.” And as Simon Thompson, group leader of Esri’s commercial business industry solutions stated in a recent Retail IT Magazine article, “Location is the steel thread that connects online and offline behaviors turning the anonymous shopper into a known consumer.”

As companies like Google, Phillips and now Twitter, continue to integrate Location into their businesses, the benefits to both the CMO and the CIO are clear:

  • For the CMO, Location means increased relevance, reduced admin costs, greater personalization, and increased customer value. And if you use Network Mobile Location there’s no app to download so it works on all devices, not just smartphones – that’s 100% customer reach.
  • For the CIO, Location is a quick win. A LaaS (Location-as-a-Service) solution such as the one provided by Locaid, is not software, it’s not an app and it’s not a fraud measurement tool. It’s a raw data feed that you can incorporate into your existing tools and platforms to realize immediate ROI with no CAPEX.

It’s a win-win situation for both executives. Implementing Location into your business is the ideal project to prove that a successful working relationship between the CMO and the CIO can deliver real benefits that drive the business forward.