Jon Spinney's Tracker Keeps a Pulse on Location M&A

CLOs need friends in well-located places.  Here's one of mine: tech entrepreneur Jon Spinney is the man behind this detailed Location Services Mergers and Acquisition Tracker .   Spinney, a location entrepreneur and guru now running LBS products inside of AT&T, has been tracking LBS M&As from as far back as 1999, when AOL acquired MapQuest for $1 billion.  Spinney's tracker helps us keep a pulse on past and present location service M&As. And, with added details such as Category and Value, Spinney adds color to otherwise black and white data. Google, for example, acquired DealMap in August of 2011 for their mobile advertising data, and's value to Google lied in the company's team and their social networking features.

My favorite take-aways from Spinney's tracker:

  • Location Mergers and Acquisitions with reported price tags have totaled over $28 billion since 1999, proving location data's immense value in today's tech-heavy world.
  • Google bought Zagat last year for $151 million, with the value lying mostly in the vast array of location-based content on the site. Food for thought!
A location shout-out to Spinney and his fine work shedding light on the location deal market.  Take a look at the tracker and ping Spinney if you see something missing (or on the horizon).