LOC-AID's Innovative Network-Based Location Services Now Available for T-Mobile USA's Customers

LOC-AID Adds T-Mobile to Location Aggregation Platform

LOC-AID Adds T-Mobile to Location Aggregation Platform
LOC-AID which aggregates network-based location from multiple operators in the Americas has announced today the signature of an agreement with T-Mobile. The company now offers a unique platform enabling developers to build applications and target customers from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, America Movil, TelCel and TELUS.

"As a LaaS company providing location data, geofencing, check-in and location network services, LOC-AID assumes the responsibility for carrier negotiations, privacy assurance, programming, and subscriber data access, making it a much more attractive proposition for developers and carriers to team up in the LBS ecosystem," said Rip Gerber, CEO at LOC-AID.

Network-based location allows the development of applications that are independent of mobile apps and the type of mobile terminal used by subscribers.