Locaid CEO Rip Gerber Elected To CTIA Board Of Directors

World's Largest Location-as-a-Service Provider Becomes First Location Company To Have Representation On The Board Of CTIA

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- CTIA-The Wireless Association®, the international trade association representing the wireless telecommunications industry, announced today at MobileCON 2013™, that Rip Gerber, President and CEO of Locaid, the world's largest Location-as-a-Service company, will join the associations' Board of Directors for FY14.

Locaid is the first "Software-as-a-Service" company, and first Location Based Services (LBS) company, to have a representative on the CTIA Board of Directors. Locaid has been an active member of the CTIA since 2006 and Gerber has served on the CTIA Wireless Internet Development group and the CTIA Chief Privacy Officer group.

Gerber has built Locaid into world's largest location company bringing carrier APIs and the "cloud" to mobile apps. In May 2013,Gerber won the CTIA B!G Idea Ingenious Innovator in Mobile Award and previously Locaid has won CTIA's B!G Idea for Most Innovative Award and been named a Fierce Wireless Top 15 Company among other accolades. Gerber also holds a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) degree from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

"CTIA's members provide U.S. consumers with the world's best wireless service and consistently make significant investments in the U.S. economy. Among the 2014 Board of Directors' goals is to make certain the U.S. wireless industry remains the world's leader in innovation so that Americans continue to benefit from wireless telecommunications. One of the key components to this is making sure more spectrum is made available for commercial wireless use. By working together and with the expert guidance of our board comprised of leaders such as Rip, CTIA will work diligently to ensure appropriate public policy that recognizes the need for the U.S. wireless industry to remain the best in the world," said Steve Largent, President and CEO of CTIA.

"The CTIA is at a pivotal point in its storied history. We are witnessing a time of breathtaking innovation in technologies and business models, driven by powerful mobile device adoption, new players, open API proliferation and privacy," comments Gerber. "My election to the board of this prestigious wireless association demonstrates just how important Location is becoming to this fast moving industry."

About Locaid Locaid is the world's largest LaaS (Location-as-a-Service) company. Locaid runs "location in the cloud" with the most robust, privacy-protected, Omni-Location™ platform available. Locaid can determine the physical location of your customers, employees or assets, anywhere, instantly. With a footprint that extends to over 4.7 billion connected devices across the globe, including network mobile location on over 400 million mobile devices, Locaid helps enterprises and developers be hyper-local, reduce fraud, increase productivity, gain consumer insight, comply with regulations, drive revenue and save lives. Locaid is the largest and preferred location gateway for the major carriers in the Americas including AT&T, Boost Mobile, Cricket, Rogers, Sprint, TELUS, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon and others. The world's biggest brands, agencies, financial institutions, software companies, enterprise infrastructure providers, mobile app developers and M2M platforms get location from Locaid. Location Matters™. Locate us at http://www.loc-aid.com@locaid and www.facebook.com/Locaid.




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