Location-Based Dating: Love Online and Wherever You Are

I wasn’t much of a dater back in the day. I tried to get hooked up, ask girls out, but my nerd factor was off the charts. Now that nerd is the new cool, well, it’s a little too late for me.  But so many of you are still young and single, and you are complaining about today’s dating scene? You think you have it rough landing a sweet date? Imagine a world without eHarmony and Facebook, Twitter and … yes …LBD.  That’s right.  Location-Based Dating. Today, 1 of 5 dating relationships start online. Not getting any? Check out the Top Online Dating Sites. But you singles shock me–you are just lazy daters in this mobile era. You ask: “Who wants to drive cross town for nookie when there’s an app for finding a date right around the corner?”

Enter okcupid. These lovelies recently announced location-based dating for iOS and Android apps. That means you can broadcast your location to people who have the same interests and profile matches to yours. You can even chat with people who are nearby.

Gone are the days of desperately scanning dive bars for that one person who thinks you're not a dweeb.  Not that I ever did that.)  All you need to do now is broadcast your nerdy hobbies and quickly locate other geeks like you (not that I was a geek either). These days, if you can’t be with the one you love, Google the one you want to love and if they are nearby, start loving! (Apologies to CSN&Y).

I'm looking forward to the first location-based wedding. Anyone out there about to be married via okcupid? I will ship a bottle of LBS champagne to the first couple, validated by the okcupid CEO, who enters wedded bliss are a direct result of Location-Based Dating. The Chief Location Officer should preside at such a matrimonious celebration, don’t you think? Or at least sing in the choir. Or throw rose petals. Or crash it.

Future post: Location-based bachelor parties (Check In: Las Vegas).