Location-Based Lead Generation

Six billion. That’s the number of people in the world who have a mobile subscription. But while “mobile certainly captures a lot of eyeballs… its ability to produce a consumer action — leads, sales and downloads — is often lacking,” according to an excellent article from Mobile Commerce Daily. “In an era of fleeting consumer attention, companies need to focus on what really matters in online advertising: customer acquisition. To do so, brands need to begin implementing lead generation into their mobile marketing campaigns.”


That’s where Location comes in. Of those 6 billion mobile subscriptions, 4 billion consumers are still using basic feature phones that aren't ‘app-friendly’ and therefore missed by many mobile marketing campaigns. The biggest consumer brands are fattening up their marketing budgets and adding LBS. Not pounds, but Location-Based Services (LBS).

The possibilities for LBS go way beyond check-ins and store finders. Location is becoming an integral driver of any mobile marketing campaign and the key to successful lead generation. Why? Because “consumers… are often looking for specific information or are making quick-decision purchases” and location-based advertising lifts response rates with relevancy. That’s why the mobile ad networks are boasting 5x lifts in CPMs when a lat/long turns a campaign into high click-through rates.

To quote: "ULTIMATELY, THE POINT of mobile marketing should be reinforcing a brand’s value to the consumer while also encouraging some type of action." The most effective location-based lead generation strategy to achieve this balance is Geofencing, where call-to-action messages to drive sales can be targeted to specific geographical locations and timeframes. Geofencing provides a unique opportunity for you to target your ads at nearby consumers increasing the personalization of your customer service AND adding value to your customers.

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