Mobile internet revenue to grow >3x to $700B* by 2017

My friends at Digi-Capital just released one of the deepest views into the mobile phenom. Some of the highlights from their in-depth analysis:

• Mobile internet revenue to grow >3x to $700B* by 2017F driven by mCommerce, IAPx and App as a Service
• mCommerce growth to >$500B sales by 2017F driven by Asia, America and Europe (almost half in Asia)
• Consumer apps to >$70B by 2017F with non-games apps to double revenue share from 26% to 51%
• Mobile internet investment record >$14B in last 12 months
• Mobile internet M&A record >$47B in the last 12 months (>$28B excluding Facebook/WhatsApp)
• Varying investment potential across Investment Quadrants with >20 “billion dollar” companies already
• Mobile internet public and private company relative valuations vary significantly across sectors
• Deep metrics understanding enables data driven approach to mobile internet investment and growth

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From: 3x to $700B* by 2017" >