Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines Support Optimization of Location-Based Advertising

Mobile marketing is on fire, and it’s no surprise when you consider all of the opportunities that it provides. As one Forbes reporter stated: “It’s as if every marketer and advertiser collectively sees the future is in mobile marketing and advertising but more often than not does not know how to best go about maximizing this increasingly burgeoning space.”

Mobile Marketers and advertisers can now look to get some clarity with the release of the ‘Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines’. The document, the result of exhaustive cross-industry research by the IAM Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence and the Mobile Marketing Association, helps create commonality for mobile advertising on smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and eReaders.

“Balancing the requirements of both the marketer and the consumer experience, the guidelines address varying factors such as different data connections (WIFI, 3G, 4G, etc.), carrier plans, Z-Index range and even the impact of the reduced processing power inherent in mobile device for file load size and web display,” states the IAB in this press release. The guidelines present a one-stop reference for the optimum file sizes, rich media, and dimensions for mobile ads.

The mobile guidelines were developed with three goals in mind. These are:

  1. Issue guidelines that empower creative shops to exercise the limits of their imagination, only tempering creativity as it relates to positive consumer experience; and
  2. Further simplify the digital mobile supply chain by making these new guidelines easily accessible, adoptable and understandable.
  3. Provide cross-platform consistency by aligning these guidelines with the existing Web Display Creative Guidelines where applicable.

For location-based advertisers, these guidelines coupled with mobile location data and the behavioral insights it reveals, means that they can truly deliver optimized campaigns based on actual consumer activity.

Download and review the Guidelines for yourself and let me know what you think they mean for location-based advertising.