More than Mobiles

As wireless moves beyond smartphones and the internet of everything explodes, Location Matters more than ever.

Today it is estimated that 85.8% of the worlds population has a mobile subscription, nearly 6 billion people. By 2015, it is assumed that the number of IP-ready devices that will be connected to the internet will grow to a total of 6.6 billion (source: ITU).

Wireless carriers have enjoyed riding the upward trend of both feature and smartphone adoption over the past 10 years, but as mobile phone adoption rates level out, wireless carriers need to find additional ways to get customers to use their networks. And for the carriers the hope is that those services will become as much a part of our daily lives as our phones have.

So what’s in the pipeline and what do CLO’s need to know?

1)      In March, AT&T is releasing Digital Life, which allows users to monitor different aspects of their home from remote locations. Customers can remotely control security systems, lights, door locks, and thermostats.

digital life

How can location help?

If a customer’s cell phone and car are not at home when a home security system goes off, it is a much higher probability that it is a legitimate alarm. Locate the cell phone and you can make that call quickly.

2)      Similarly, at Mobile World Congress this week, Qualcomm demonstrated a connected home in which a smartphone can be used to start a coffee maker and speakers burst into sound when you enter the room, thanks to the handset in your pocket.

How can location help?

You don’t want just anybody using your coffee machine. Use location to verify the identity of the person making the coffee…. And program the coffee machine (or the speakers… or anything else connected) to only work via that person’s device.

3)      OnStar provide a security service for customers to track stolen vehicles and works with the police to attempt to recover it.

How can location help?

Even when your car is turned off and parked overnight in your garage Locaid can locate it via a cellular network.

Network-based technology will soon be an even bigger part of our everyday lives. Being able to locate anything that is connected to a network, including the internet, is going to be critical. With the ability to locate nearly 5 billion devices Locaid can find them all.