The Best Mobile Gifts for the Naughtiest People

There are those people on your list that you’d love to get just the right gift—but those gifts can be so hard to find. You know, the one that truly demonstrates how you feel about them. Here are some ideas for the best mobile gifts for the people on your “Naughty List” that you can easily send using your Android or iPhone this year:

Groupon for Jenny Craig Send your annoying colleague or boss who could lose a few pounds a groupon for Jenny Craig.  In fact maybe there's a great teenager stocking stuffer deal from Texters Anonymous.

Photo of Yourself That girlfriend or boyfriend who dumped you in high school and wants to friend you on Facebook? Nothing says, “Thinking of you at the holidays,” more than a photo of yourself. Since mobile devices go everywhere with you, why not?

(Dis) Advantage Subscription to AOL Slow down Spamma’s chain letters and kitten videos with an AOL subscription, or wrap up one of those start-up CDs and slide it under the tree.  It’ll keep Granny occupied troubleshooting “awful software, inaccessible dial-up numbers, rapacious marketing, in-your-face advertising, questionable billing practices, inexcusably poor customer service, and enough spam to last a lifetime.” That’s an actual quote from PC World.

Worthless Mobile Apps These applications give new meaning to “there’s an app for that.” For the especially  annoying someone on your list who can’t put down their Android or iPhone, consider one of these apps:

iFireplace – Your rude cousin can take the “yule log” with him or her any time and anywhere he or she goes. Experience it here.

iTan – Give your weird Aunt Ruby a tan in her pocket but she’ll have to get the color she wants from another cancer causing source however. Experience it here.

Spin the Bottle – You’re crazy, single co-worker who loves to frequent bars on Monday nights can use this one. Experience it here.

Online Offer to A Self-Help Seminar That irritating friend who is constantly giving you copies of “The 7 Secrets to Success” or “The Secret” could use an online offer to a fire-walking, secret-seeking, spandex-wearing seminar in Arizona.

Artwork by Your Kids The finger-painting of the Mona Lisa that looks like a frog in a monk’s robe (not that I have one in my garage behind the chainsaws), the purple blob representing Barney, or the stick figure with a mustache can all be easily emailed to your friends or posted on their Facebook wall.

Credits to Farmville, Castleville, or Any-ville These highly addictive games that spread like a bad disease are the perfect way to get your in-laws off your back. They’ll be so consumed with growing their farms, kingdoms, or whatever that you won’t have to hear from them ever again!

The Cell Mate There’s no better way to say, “you really annoy me” than to give someone one of these. Although, The Cell Mate would have been really awesome in a Miami Vice show back in the 80s.


What’s the best gift for someone you love? Use mobile giving to donate money in the name of your loved one.