The Locations of Occupy Wall Street

More than a month of protesters around the national are venting their frustration. It appears as though protesters won’t be backing down any time soon. This has me wondering, will the movement be able to continue as it gets colder? Will protesters move to a warmer location? Maybe here on the West coast? Looks like someone has figured out a way to generate some heat:

I'm not sure these people on homemade generators could withstand a Nor'easter. Could weather be the straw that broke the camel's back for Occupy Wall Street?

Lots of media and pundits have criticized this movement for not having a clear message. Does it really matter? The sheer size and geography of something like this could be record-breaking or historic. The movement recently claims protests Berlin, to Athens, Auckland to Mumbai, Tokyo to Seoul. Perhaps we are seeing the world’s largest protest?

Check out this Google map of people who have checked-in:

Think about where all these people are sleeping, eating, or going to the bathroom. I certainly hope all these people are picking up their trash. If it’s anything like what people left post-Woodstock, we’re going to need a killer clean up crew.