The Next Cycle: Top 10 Mobile Trends You Need To Know (+ 5 bonus trends)

My friend Jack Gold (Jack Gold Associates), has distilled the mobile hype into 15 elegant trends for 2011. While you probably know most, a few may surprise you, like the rising cost of carrier data plans (#3) and the continued pervasiveness of clunky laptops (#9). Bottom line: we’re speeding into an exciting time for mobile. Here’s a quick summary of Jack Gold’s top10 mobile trends.

  1. Mobile phone will replace land lines at work, with 25%-35% of business users switching to mobiles in the next 2-3 years.
  2. Increased mobile use can cause security and governance problems for the IT department.
  3. The costs to purchase cell phones will fall, but data plan costs will rise.
  4. Because of #3, mobile cost containment will become a major issue.
  5. The Android will capture more market share, but will not become completely dominant.
  6. Mobile chip wars will continue.
  7. It will take 2-3 years for all carriers to upgrade their networks for full 4G capability.
  8. “Glass browsers” will become dominant as most users switch to a cloud computing and Software as a Service model.
  9. Laptops stick around for a while yet, but by 2014-2015 other alternatives, such as tablets with Glass Browsers connected to the cloud, will start to take over.
  10. More processing power on mobiles will lead to interesting new ways to interact with a mobile device, including voice control, biometric input, motion control, etc.

Here's a copy of his full overview (with 5 more trends). It’s an easy and quick read with bullets to help you make your mobile point in any management meeting or mobile product pitch:

We’re in for an interesting ride.