The Paperphone

Smartphones now bend like paper. CLO Advice: Location is the single most important data export from your mobile device, whether it be a feature phone, smartphone, or now, “paper-phone.”

A prototype flexible smartphone made of electronic paper and created by Canadian researchers, can do all the things bulkier smartphones can do such as make and take calls, send messages, play music or display e-books.

It’s a weird amalgam of the oldest in retro and the latest in high tech.

It looks retro, kind of like the tabs they put on top of folders, back when folders were made of paper and tabs were made of plastic. Cast your mind back. Way back. Add to that the way you use it—by bending it like paper.

But it’s smokin’ high tech too. It uses the same e-Ink technology as the Kindle so it should be easy for my old eyes to read. And you activate it by it using bend gestures (which sounds like yoga or something you do while driving in Italy) that interact with a flexible printed circuit with bend sensors.

You can only imagine the kind of havoc a two year old could wreak with it. Bend—call the boss. Squish—make a video of Dad trying to grab the phone back. Wiggle—forward all my emails to random addressees. Imagine what teenagers will look like playing video games. That, of course, will be part of its charm.

Imagine the potential if you add location information to the mix. Dedicate one of those pages to mobile coupons, mobile ads, real-time traffic, and so on.

And will it be easier to use and fold up than a gas station map?

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