Top Geolocation Predictions for 2014

In a recent podcast from Directions Magazine, editors Adena Schutzberg and Joe Francica put forward their top predications for the key trends in geolocation for 2014 as follows:

• There will be more privacy and legal implications related to impending advancements of indoor positioning and location-based services. Indoor positions apps will become more passive, less invasive and encourage more engagement. There will be more mainstream press on privacy in 2014

• There will be a “sensor nexus”, meaning a collision of location-based sensors that learn how to communicate autonomously through sensor networks. With the emerging internet of things, innovation in apps will use multiple sensors to make new connections.

• Indoor is the new frontier: in 2014 indoor location will be compelling and useful enough for people to use. This is the year for indoor location.

• Location-based technologies will play a dominant role in the visualization in immersive dashboards to better decipher big data. We will see better visualization tools beyond word clouds and infographics that will be more immersive and interactive.

• Programming environment “IFTTT” will become the new hot location-based programing solution. “If this then that” has added a location feature where you can write a conditional statement “recipes” where if something happens in a particular location then a specific action will occur. It will bring geofencing into the hands of anyone and will give non-programmers the environment and power to set up proximity notifications and interactions.

How accurate are these predictions? The editors go on to look back on their 2013 predictions and what they got right.

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