Using Creative Mapping to Explain the World

Maps help me out, a lot. They help guide me to the nearest Starbucks when traveling, or to a new restaurant I'm meeting a friend at. They accurately display a career pathway to my niece, so she knows exactly how to prepare for the top. Maps help me navigate through countless spaces and pathways I encounter in my life via a simple 3 step process: Location A. Location B.  How to get from Location A to Location B. Done. Aside from location-to-location instructions, maps can also help relay complex information in an easy-to-understand and creative format. For example, this humorous map of London helps us understand the economic layout of the town in a single glance. Working in the LBS industry, I have a soft spot for well-done maps that think outside the location-based arena. I recently found this article about 15 maps that Explain the World and had to share my favorites.

World Population Proportional Cartogram (Eastern Hemisphere dominates!):

World's Facebook Users (It will be interesting to see how things changes as time passes):

Humorous Map of how Germany Views Europe:

World Population by Latitude, Year 2000: (90% of the world's population is in the Northern Hemisphere!)

What information would you like to see mapped in a creative way such as these? Do you have any  favorites to share?