What do Foursquare, Budweiser, LOC-AID, and Elmo Have In Common?

No, it's not beer. It's location. Location is everywhere, and it is the future of mobile marketing. Everything will have a location element--whether it's dialog with customers, campaigns with prospects, or collaboration with partners. That's why I'm excited to be participating in the CTIA Enterprise & Applications Power Series Boardroom Session: Mobile Content, Monetization, and Advertising on October 12, 2001.

We're going to explore the incredible opportunities, and challenges that we're all facing. As more mobile users around the globe opt-in to sharing location data the possibilities are endless. With any opportunity however, there is some risk and we need to see it and mitigate it. There is privacy, accessibility, and execution to name a few risks.

I'd love to hear from you so I'm willing to roll the dice. Give me three words you think I should incorporate into my presentation, and I'll use them. To prove it, I'll post a video of my talk. Really. We've got to make this stuff interesting or how else can we keep up with the rate of mobile app innovation? Right?