Where Can I Get an Albino Squirrel Latte?

If you want a coffee with white chocolate and hazelnut syrup, aka The Albino Squirrel Latte, you've got to go to Strange Brew Coffee House in Starkville, Mississippi. How do I know this? Well, I've never been to Starkville, Mississippi, but I recently read in The New York Times that the owner of the coffee house has figured out an ingenious way to use location to boost sales of this strange brew and other drinks he offers by 35%. When customers check in at the location, they get a 10% discount off any drink. The owner says his location-based marketing strategy has increased walk-in traffic much more than any of his other social media activities, with an average of 4 to 5 check-ins a day. When friends of those checking see it, that also has an impact on driving business. Even better if the person checking in gives the joint a good review.

Small businesses are seeing the advantages of location-based services because it points customers in the right direction: the front door. What's even more exciting is that in the future, people won't even have to check in. Network location means businesses already know where customers are so they can push out notifications, all the customer has to do is accept it.

That sounds like reason enough for another latte.