Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

Very interesting conversations with Scott Case, serial entrepreneur, on his keynote at Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored event in San Francisco. Case is now the CEO of StartUp America Partnership, a “movement of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs” designed to inspire young companies with expertise, capital and talent. He shares at three cardinal rules for start up entrepreneurs:

  1. Understand that You and Your Company are Part of Something Bigger. You are going to get much more out of it and you'll be more successful if you invest in ecosystem around you. Give back
  2. Invest in Your Team. Put the right team in place and nurture them because they are an investment in your success. Sometimes we forget the human beings and only invest in the products.
  3. Embrace Change. You need to be resilient as a company and there will be a time when you have to change directions. It's no so much a big vision change but the strategy might need to take a radical shift.

If you look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerburg, they all followed these cardinal rules. The formula for becoming a billionaire is not so complicated when you think about it. I'll check back with you all after I've hit my first billion...