Why am I blogging?

Welcome to Chief Location Officer. I started this blog to share information and ideas about a subject that is important to me: location. Specifically, location and its role in our mobile society. Over the past few years, technology advancements, wireless ecosystem developments and mobile subscriber behaviors have ushered in a brave new world in how we communicate and interact with one another and within our communities. Your location – your physically presence – and how you move about the planet – is now potentially available to anyone (in some cases, whether you approve of it or not). The convergence of offline (real world) and online (virtual) information represents a transformational leap in our evolution as an information-based society…a leap we are just beginning to study and explore.

I think we should talk about it.

My hope is that this blog will help those seeking more infomration, ideas and insight into the rapidly changing mobile landscape and LBS, location-based services. So here it is, my first post:

1. Who am I? My name is Rip Gerber. I serve as the President and Chief Executive Officer of LOC-AID Technologies, Inc. LOC-AID operates the world’s largest mobile location data gateway and manages the most secure, privacy-protected platform for wireless providers. That’s marketing copy, but it is true. LOC-AID has established network connectivity to some of the largest carriers in the world. It is also building patented gateway connections to carriers including Sprint, AT&T, Rogers, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, America Movil, Telcel, Bell Mobility and TELUS. I live in San Francisco, California, though the company has offices worldwide. It’s an exciting company in an exciting space. I’ve spent most of my career in technology. Previously I served as an executive vice president at Intellisync, a public company (NASDAQ: SYNC) and leader behind Research In Motion (RIM) in wireless email services. My roles ranged from Chief Marketing Officer to General Manager. In 2006 we sold the company to Nokia. Now I head LOC-AID Technologies, Inc. Here’s my mugshot:

2 – Why am I blogging? Two reason: as a way to express my personal passion for the subject, and as a professional duty to my colleagues. While a blog on LBS certainly supports my company’s mission, I decided to create www.chieflocationofficer.com because this new ability to pinpoint location via a mobile device is a fascinating new technology, one that is important in my life as a manager, as a father, as a member of my community. I’ve had several “location-based” experiences that have had a profound impact on my views of the technology, ranging from tracking down my lost child at Disneyland to accompanying DEA agents in drug raid aided by location-based technologies. While most of the resources on LBS are studious and informative, too often I find the content wrapped in product pitches or analyst agendas. Not that these are all bad, most are excellent, but they are just a bit bland, and certainly dispersed. Finally, I hope to have some fun with this blog. We’ll see if others enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

3 – What will I be blogging about? The core objective on this blog will be to share views and news about location, specifically location-based services and the roles of location in our mobile society. I will look at stats and facts and products and applications and news in the mobile location market…but I will also blog about personal experiences vis-a-vis mobile location enablement.

4 – How can you reach me? I’d like the readers of this blog to be involved. I am hoping that you will leave comments. I am hoping that you will email me. Provide feedback, news, your point of view. Agree or disagree. I promise your feedback will be appreciated, by me and other readers of this blog.

So here we go. Thank you for stopping in.

Rip Gerber

Chief Location Officer