Why your coupons need mobile location

Mobile promotions and couponing are becoming standard practice. Mobile Commerce Daily recently wrote: “Mobile coupons are disrupting the traditional print circular method of distribution as more marketers and retailers are incorporating them into their strategy to build loyalty, drive in-store traffic and possibly combat showrooming.” Today’s mobile consumers are looking for business location, deals and offers for immediate use. Enter location. I sat down with Kristina Knight from BizReport to talk about Why Your Coupons Need Mobile and to share my Top 3 Tips to Improve Location Based Campaigns.

For example:

Some research indicates mobile coupons have 10 times higher redemption rates than traditional coupons. Why is that?

Simple. We live in a mobile society. Today it's estimated that 85.8% of the world's population has a mobile subscription, nearly 6 billion people. And 26% percent of consumers are digital omnivores (own a laptop, smartphone and tablet). Mobile marketing allows a customer's location to be a data point in determining which promotion to send and when. This allows for ads to be tailored to a customer's real-time location, increasing open rates and redemption rates. Mobile coupons, like mobile advertising, can be tailored to your customer. For example, consumers can sync their phone to loyalty membership program (club card) at the grocery store. A consumers purchase history can then be used to offer mobile coupons on products they may like, introducing them to, and upselling, new products. This is like the "Netflix Recommends" feature of mobile coupons, which has always lead to good discoveries for me. And mobile coupons can be fun! Before, coupons were reserved for household items, such as ketchup, cat food, and cleaning agents. Snooze. Now, coupons can have the variety of daily deal sites, with discounts on social outings and fun local events, all with seamless redemption. To read the full article and get my top 3 tips click here.