You can lead an American to a smartphone but you can't....

We Americans are pretty dumb when it comes to using our smartphones.

Sybase 365 conducted a survey of mobile users recently.  US mobile phone users rank near the bottom in terms of use of smartphone services.  Less than 1 in 3 even use text messaging or IM.  Less than 15% use more advanced smartphone features.  (This is why I'm working on a solution to “make location easy” for any phone in the U.S., developers.)

The Chinese really do know how to use those features. David Needle, West Coast bureau chief at, offers a great summary of the Sybase study.  Ask yourself, are you a Socialite?  Enthusiast?  A Techie?  A Sophisticate?  A Researcher or a Recluse?

We don't see a category for the Over-Caffeinated Weary.  Waiting for Walt Mossberg to step up and lead us.