Pilots to Profits

Benefit from the 20/20 hindsight of over 50 executives, business managers and IT professionals whose detailed roundtable discussions present their experiences, insights and useful tips for implementing applications with measurable ROI. Planners and implementers will all benefit from these lessons.

Pilots to Profits helps you define, pilot and effectively deploy mobile and wireless applications. Security, change management, budgeting, pilot project logistics, build-or-buy decisions, and aligning business objectives with IT initiatives are just some of the topics addressed.Starting with “why is now a good time to seriously consider mobile and wireless,” this book moves readers through the key strategic and tactical issues that affect the process. Each chapter is designed to be effective by itself so you can read cover to cover, pick and choose chapters based on your pressing needs.

About the participants

  • Roundtable participants
  • Come from several countries
  • Represent organizations of all sizes
  • Bring experiences from the commercial, government and not-for-profit sectors
  • Collectively have deployed a wide range of applications
  • These individuals range from people who are planning their initial deployment to those who have completed one or more.